Jerry Garcia Hand Print Layered 3D Laser Engraved Real Wood Wall Art, Perfect for Home Office


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We updated our Jerry Garcia Handprint wall art!! Check it out!! Old school deadheads, or new listeners to Grateful Dead when Dead and Co started touring, you will love this unique piece of 3d, laser engraved wall art. Jerry Garcia influenced rock and roll and Jam Band culture forever, and did it all while missing a finger!

As every deadhead knows, Jerry Garcia’s middle finger on his right hand was a nub. What they may not realize is that the finger was chopped off with an axe by his brother Tiff when the two were kids.

This 3d, real wood, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead wall art piece is made of 4 layers of 1/8″ real wood. With dimensions of 4″X 5.5″, it wont take up much room, but stand out as a eye catching piece. Every other layer of the piece is stained to make the pattern pop, and accentuate the 3D features of the piece. On the back is a standard tooth hanger to hang on any wall, or it can be placed on a stand to be displayed that way.

Just keep truckin’ on!
Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey

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