Say No To Mids Dab Mat Eco Friendly Laser Engraved Cork Trivet


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Cultivated Laser Creations Laser Engraved Trivets are made from 100% renewable 1/4” thick 6” round sustainable real cork. There are no inks involved, so your designs will not fade over time.

Trivets are not only used in the kitchen to protect your counters from hot cookware, but are also known as Dab Mats, Glass Mats, and Rig Mats. These mats are perfect advertising for dispensaries to your customers that want to protect their glass art.

These mats are very soft, and will protect your counters and glassware perfectly. Custom mats are available for wholesale. Email us today for a quote for your custom dab-mats!

6 Inch Wide Natural Cork Bong Mat/Dab Mat. 1/4 inch thick. SAY NO TO MIDS Trivet. Laser engraved with precision designs!

Perfect for being on the go and having to place your glass on harsh surfaces. Eco friendly, bio degradable, renewable!!! Save your glass and be friendly to the environment at the same time!!

Custom orders available! Need promotional items for your pipe shop or dispensary? Shoot us a message and lets talk wholesale!

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