Wooden Sticker, Beautiful Woman Line Art, “Outgrown”, Adriana Kidon Art, Phone Decal, Car Decal, Journal Decal


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Adriana Kidon is an NJ based artist who transforms her doodles into unique digital art. With an interest in line work, negative space, and psychedelic color, her abstract content focuses on human growth, creativity, and release. She hopes to inspire others to detach from the real world and float into the weird and unknown. Are you living in a world you’ve outgrown?

This set of wooden stickers is a collaboration between Cultivated Laser Creations and the talented Adriana Kidon. There were three designs chosen for this collaborations. Each design is being made into Wooden Stickers with a limited run of 20 each. There will be holographic decals made limited to 10 from the “Outgrown” art. Also being produced is a wall hanging piece from Adriana’s art called

Laser etched real wood stickers and decals! Perfect for phones, laptops, car windows and any other surface. Custom Wooden Stickers available, send us a message and we will be happy to discuss details and see if we can fit your needs!
Most stickers are 2.5″ tall, or 2.5” round for circular stickers unless noted otherwise.

Stickers are bendable to most cylindrical item, perfect for glass jars, flask bottles!

15mil thick real wood, very strong 3M adhesive backing, Made in Colorado and shipped Worldwide!!!

If you have any ideas for a custom wooden sticker, please reach out and let us know. We also do custom promotional materials for businesses! Send us a message and ask about our wholesale rates!
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