Wooden Sticker, Lotus Flower , Real Wood Decal, Laser Etched Decal/Phone Decal, Flask Decal, Laptop Decal


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Laser etched real wood stickers and decals! Perfect for phones, laptops, car windows and any other surface. Custom Wooden Stickers available, send us a message and we will be happy to discuss details and see if we can fit your needs!
Most stickers are 3”x2”, or 3” round for circular stickers unless noted otherwise.

Stickers are bendable to most cylindrical item, perfect or glass jars and Water Bottles bottles!

15mil thick real wood (Wood type varies), very strong 3M adhesive backing, Made in Colorado and shipped Worldwide!!!

If you have any ideas for a custom wooden sticker, please reach out and let us know. We also do custom promotional materials for businesses! Send us a message and ask about our wholesale rates!

The road to LOTUS symbolizes our spiritual journey. As we turn onto LOTUS road and pass under the first archway, it symbolizes moving toward something sacred. In America, cars drive on the right side of the road. However, Sri Gurudev changed the flow of traffic on LOTUS road. We enter the road on the left side. Why? Because we are asked to leave behind our standard way of thinking, our habitual ways, and open to new ways of thinking. This represents the pilgrimage we are making. As we drive along, on this unfamiliar side of the road, we come upon an unexpected and breathtaking experience of the first view of the Shrine. That is how spiritual revelations are: You are in the darkness, and then you see things you never thought you would see; you are elevated to a different place. This experience sets the tone for the holy ground we are about to enter. The journey getting to LOTUS is part of that.

Arriving at the gopuram (the gateway to the temple), immediately we see that everything is symmetrical. Symmetry gives us a sense of comfort and guides us inward to meditation. At the top of the Grand Archway are the Integral Yoga Yantra and the symbols of all the faiths contained within LOTUS. Thus, the Archway also becomes a symbol of LOTUS and designates the sacred entrance. We are given all the information we need for the world to live together peacefully: Truth is one, paths are many. The Yantra and the multifaith symbols are the core of LOTUS, and we will get this same message in a more dramatic way when we enter the Shrine itself.

Cultivated Laser Creations Wooden Stickers are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd! These wooden stickers are made in the USA from sustainable domestic veneers and laser engraved in high detail to make the design come alive in the wood grain!!!

These wooden stickers are perfect for phone decals, car window decals, bumper stickers, product labels, promotional handouts and much much more. No job is too big or too small for Cultivated Laser Creations! From a single sticker, to thousands, we have you covered.

We do not charge a setup or artwork fee, reach out today to get the most unique promotional items for your business on the market!

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